KONEXONS is a beta mobile web platform for the Sheltowee Business Network members.  The platform currently has limited functionality.  

The platform is made up of four main sections.


Information on events including surveys and agendas 


Invitation Center and networking tools


 Idea Proxy tools and ability to view other opportunities


 Survey tools with ability to create and take surveys

The Event Center is where you can find information on events.  Here you will find agendas and the surveys for the different events and presenters.  

The Networking Center has several tools.  These include, the Invitation Center, where you can invite people to the Sheltowee Business Network or to Sheltowee Events.  

The Networking Center also has the Introductions Center under it.  This is a tool that allows people in the Sheltowee Business Network to introduce people to individuals in their network in exchange for a success fee.  This creates a legal contract that allows an individual to introduce someone with expectations of a financial return if the introduction results in a business transaction. 

Sheltowee is developing a contact manager under the Networking Center that will be coming soon.  

The Opportunity Center is where anyone can go and see different opportunities.  These opportunities include companies who are looking for help with specific items, it includes opportunities for referral fees, or commissions for selling products or services.  Sheltowee's Idea Proxy Center is also located under the Opportunity Center.  

The Survey Center is under development and will allow you to CREATE and take surveys relating to items within the Sheltowee Business Network.  We are developing an easy tool to create and deliver surveys.  Data is very important and Sheltowee is developing tools that will allow you to capture and analyze data.